December Photos 2019

November Photos 2019

Christmas Pajamas!

Visiting Nai-Nai with cousins Kaya and Satori

More to come!

The Newell Grandchildren – Back L to R: Kaya – 10, Elliot – 12, Gia – 13, Devi -3, Ava – 14 Front L to R: Quincy – 7, Gemma – 8, Silas – 4


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November Photos 2019

Lady Mavs 2019-2020


Kaya, Quincy, Devi, and Daisy the Dog

Ava made varsity!


Seahawks 25 to 1 to win Super Bowl!


Happy Thanksgiving!


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October Photos 2019


The basketballers do Halloween, Ava w/Jordan & Alex

The scary girls!

Vsco Girls? Another Halloween costume the parents don’t understand.

Nephew Elliot nerding it up with Alexandra!

Kaya & the Predators


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September Photos 2019

Braceless Ava after almost two years of being a “metal face.”

Ye-ye playing a game with granddaughters Ava & Kaya

Gia & Kaya’s first day of school!

Date night w/Mom!



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August Photos 2019

Ava goes to PGC camp with Elise, Jordan, and Alexandra

Gia, Natalie, Kaya, and Ellie in Coupeville

Go-Cart time! Elliot in the forefront.

3-on-3 in Arlington


Royals in Chelan, Royals Gold are 5-0, and in the semi-finals against Trust. The following is overtime:

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July Photos 2019

Powells and Chopras at the 4th of July Parade

Gia, Natalie, and Dad Sean on the crab hunt!

3-on-3 at Mill Creek w/Kaya, Quinn, & Ellie

Mill Creek Champs!

Girls hangin’ out, Nat, Naomi, Gia, Kaya, Sydney



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June Photos 2019

Ava at tip-off

Ava & Kaya w/cousins Damien, Orion, & Satori


Nephew Nikolai graduates!


Quinn, Kaya, & Chelsie – Girls Can Dunk!

Gia and the Royals head to Oregon for the Jr. NBA Championship.

Hooopaholic parents, including Mom (on right) w/coach Hightower

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