Cute Endangered Snow Leopards?

Endangered animals?

NO JOY AT WOODLAND PARK ZOO:  They are closing the Nocturnal Exhibit at Woodland Park Zoo due to budget difficulties. Sad. Ava & Gia love to look for bats and sloths and armadillos and lemurs. At least they have the new snow leopard exhibit. We’ve been there a couple times and have seen an amazing replica of the snow leopard habitat: boulders, trees, and tundra. Unfortunately,  no snow leopards (pardon the corny pun) have been spotted (with the exception of the two specimens in the above photo).

Tilt that car seat back, make sure Kaya's strapped in, and let her go! See how her legs are excitedly spinning in bliss. Cute cute cute.

Look closely at the grounded stroller. At the bottom right is a happily feeding baby. Is this unorthodox parenting method the work of a lazy father? Or just practical?

IS FATHER LAZY? I like to kill the proverbial ‘two birds with one stones’…or as my wife likes to say in corporate parlance, “Multi-task.”  Does this make me lazy?

OR REVOLUTIONARY? To bottle feed a baby takes ten minutes or more of precious time. I savor sitting down with Kaya, holding that adorable little bundle while giving her a bottle, but with two other active daughters often I have to improvise. I need more time for cooking, sweeping, vacuuming, wiping down counters, folding laundry and other necessary chores (oh, including writing a blog). Luckily, Kaya doesn’t mind being a guinea pig.

Gia wearing Dad's jacket? Or Dad's jacket wearing Gia?

Cute? Cute... ass!

TOILET PAPER HELL: Some parents think babies playing with TP is adorable. Me? Are you kidding? Not after Ava and Gia wasted half a tree by making TP carpet and dropping countless rolls in the pot. Well, Kaya, I’ve learned from the past. It’s not going to happen again. …………………………………………………………………I’m watching you!


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14 responses to “Cute Endangered Snow Leopards?

  1. Gladys

    Great, Caleb!!! How many eyes and hands do you have to have with so much to pay attention to??????? beijos 🙂

    • Não é tão difícil, muito obrigado.


      • Jesus, portuguese too? You are quite a man with languages. And please, don’t be modest, I’ve always thought taking care of kiddies was harder than any other job.

        Also, just read your article in Errant Parent. I liked it! But I’ll have you know, O Magazine não é uma boa fonte para aprender sobre os adolescentes–being a teen myself, sex in any form isn’t the problem. Talking about sex and practicing it safely is the problem.

  2. Mary Ann

    The bottle trick looks like a cure for the hiccups! The third child always gets propped once in awhile. No need to feel anything but efficient; just think of all the jobs you are creating for folks who study birth order, and future therapists. You are helping build the economy so someone will still be paying into SS when you need it.

  3. Dottie

    I just loved the snow leopard/girl photo! I thought it was only me who had seen the elusive snow leopards. As for the propping of Kaya’s bottle. You are not the first to do it and you won’t be the last. Every parent needs a little more time when they have kids. At least you are in the room as evidenced by the photos you take of your darling little girl!

  4. Tiny Forest

    The kiddies are adorable! I also used to do that trick when I babysat my little brother. He may have thought of it first, though, since he was fond of tipping his seat anyway.

  5. I am so sorry to hear Nocturnal Exhibit with difficult budget. My husband told me that not only Woodland park but also some other national parks are also closed for next year.

    Your daughters Ava and Gia are very cute. From your blog photos, I guess you have learned Chinese, because I saw a Chinese word in your arm, 愛 (love), I’m a Taiwanese,I try to learn English now, hope I can visit US soon.

  6. Gladys, Mary Ann, Dottie, Tiny Forest.


  7. Hey Caleb, Very cute photos of the girls. I vote for revolutionary rather than lazy!

  8. Scott

    Caleb, reading your blog gives me direct insight into the male version of stay at home dad. Thanks for making this colorful and ironic enough to be free of cheap sentiment. Also, I’d say you do have a job. Thanks. Scott

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