The Powell Family Flies to California

Dad flies to California with Ava, Gia, and Kaya the Lap Baby.

Gia spills orange juice on the seat...very funny, Gia!

The Lyngra family w/Ava & Gia. Stig, removed from the boot of the Saudi Moral Police, is relaxing with a glass of wine.

THE POWELL FAMILY FLIES TO CALIFORNIA:  My wife had a business meeting in San Francisco, and thus it made sense to fly separately and meet at La Quinta in Palm Desert. So Dad & kids flew without mom…

DAD GOES FURTHER WITH LESS: Flying to Cal with kids I received no small praise as a ‘brave’ travelin’ dad. My wife, however, calls bullsh*t. She wonders why guys get credit for what comes naturally to a woman. For example, if I’m at a supermarket with three kids I’ll get the frequent ‘Wow’ response from little old ladies. Even my wife’s family, her sister and female cousins (not so much my mother-in-law, but she’s a  little wiser), marvel at my parenting skills. I realize that they are probably being polite, but my wife seems to wonder why she works harder than I, yet I get more ‘Great dads!’ than she gets ‘Super moms!’. When my wife takes all three girls shopping she rarely hears compliments for being a great mom. On the other hand, I’m doing exactly what most women have been doing for ages…and not as well, I might add.

Ava learns... jump into the water almost head first!

BEERCATION: We arrived in La Quinta, near Palm Desert, and met my sister Sarah, her husband Stig, and their son Nikolai. They live in Saudi Arabia, and thus Stig (he’s Norwegian) welcomed a vacation in a country where alcohol is legal (When you get pulled over in Saudi you better blow a zero point zero or you’ll get a DUI). I have no allergies to beer, myself…thus the beer-counting began (actually, my wife’s not too bad…).

Playground in the desert

BEER RULES FOR A HAPPY MARRIAGE: Wives – Don’t count beers. These questions should not be asked: How many beers is that? Is that your third beer? Are you having another? Beer nagging compels husbands to disappear for extended periods…and consume more beer. 

Husbands:  Don’t drink too much beer.

My two joys in life, beer & my wife. (Beer, I might add, is a distant #2)

TASTELESS JOKE? OR TASTY JOKE? What did one lesbian frog say to the other?

You know…we really do taste like chicken.


The Powell Family & Nephew Nikolai at the Living Desert

SIXTY BUCKS A WATERSLIDE: My wife and I took our three daughters and nephew Nikolai to a waterpark for the sweetheart price of $120. None of the kids went down any of the bigger slides, even the gentle ones evoked terror and tears. So we shelled out $120 to hang out at a fancy swimming pool. We could have stayed at our rental’s pool where the beers were cheaper. Thus dad went down two slides, the Tidal Wave and the Pipeline (that big slide in the photo), just to get his money’s worth.
PHOTO of the MONTH: Cat Ba Island, Vietnam


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2 responses to “The Powell Family Flies to California

  1. Jan

    Your mother-in-law is pretty wise!

  2. Scott Driscoll

    Caleb you raise a good point; we get bravery awards for taking over the domestic child rearing duties; for women, it’s just expected. Let me take this one step further. At school, men expect their wives to fund, raise, and facilitate the added teachers that make a pubic school education worth having. Why do the men think their wives should do this? Why do the wives do this? Why do the husbands consider it okay to root from the sidelines, beer in hand? These are mysteries known to be insoluable to NGOs posted all over Sub-Saharan Africa, who know that to improve a village you give micro loans to the wives and mothers. What does this say about us? I”m not going to take a stab at it. Scott

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