Hell’s Belles & Hell’s Baseball Team


Ava & Gia just happy to be at the ballpark

WHO’S GOT THE BIGGEST BALLS? HELL’S BELLES or the MARINERS? The Powell family got wind that Hell’s Belles, the AC/DC cover band, would be at the West Seattle Street Fair. And with Aunt Tracy & San-J we went. Upon arrival, with the band cranking out “Sin City”, my wife seemed catatonically amazed. She turned to me and asked, “Did you know they were all girls?”

We ended up having quite a time. The next week we went to watch the Seattle Mariners baseball team. Once again, my wife turned to me and said, “Wow. I didn’t know they were all girls.”

Hell’s Belles 1 – Seattle Mariners 0

Now, if you are so PC to think calling a baseball team “female” derogatory, please keep in mind the spirit of this blog: Women are superior in everything except lifting heavy objects and a few other athletic and physical endeavors. No matter how well the UW softball team and Danielle Lawrie did this year, baseball is still a man’s game. That being said, it’s rather amazing that a bunch of girls managed to beat the Yankees that night on an out-of-character Jose (or Josie) Lopez grand slam. Felix Hernandez happened to be pitching, and the weather spectacular. That’s what I call a win-win!

The 2010 Seattle Mariners, 39-65 as of this post, are sparking the hopes of young girls everywhere that, maybe someday, they will get their chance to play in the major leagues.

The Mariners Win!

Dad & Kaya

At any rate, the Seattle summer has been stupendous, as always, and as for the baseball fan in Seattle, once again, it’s wait until next year.

Photo of the Week: Giant Skeleton Found in Saudi Arabia! (Also check out Water on Mars!)



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6 responses to “Hell’s Belles & Hell’s Baseball Team


  2. Scott Driscoll

    Hey Caleb,
    You got lucky with the Mariners. I tried an Aquasox game and waited an hour and a half in mist and unsummery chill only to have the opposing team decide they’d reather forfeit than take a field with risk of shoes getting damp. Wow, hey, if girls grow up to play baseball, I hope they play better than the current boys or what’s the point of waiting for it? Scott

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