Hell’s Belles vs. The Tra-C/San-J Group

TRA-C & SAN-J vs. HELL’s BELLES: In October my wife and I traveled to Palm Dessert for an extended weekend without children. Our first time since Ava’s birth that we had more than a 24-hour period alone. We give a big thanks to our babysitters! Mom & dad, mom-in-law & pops, and a big cheer to Aunt Tra-C & San-J…kudos for taking the kids to EMP and rockin’ out! Someday you’ll be able to rock like Hell’s Belles.

BORING WEATHER STORY: (Time & Place) + (Weather expectations, often based on report) + (Normal weather conditions) + (Actual weather…unusual or extreme but so what?) = (Unbeee-effing-lievably boring story)

Weather stories, unless they involve death & destruction, are tedious. Even if they involve death & destruction they are not really weather stories but “death & destruction” stories featuring weather. So, if I haven’t made the point, weather stories are boring. Thus keep ’em short.

SHORT WEATHER STORY: November, first week, 70+ degrees, Seattle. Wow! The end. (For long newspaper version, go  here.)

Earlier I posted Hell’s Belles & Hell’s Baseball Team. I recently figured out how to upload videos to Youtube, so here’s Kaya & Dad gettin’ down with “Highway to Hell”. At 0:18 & 1:55-2:07 Kaya gets on camera.

FOR FAMILY: And, while I’m doing the Youtube thing, one last video, from The Nightmare of Glee, a video of Ava’s graduation. The best shot of Gia is at 1:57, and there are a few slides of Ava’s beginning, also, at 2:05:

Photo of the Week: Gualeguaychu, Argentina

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