The T-Ball Experience

Gia on Second Base

ABOVE: Me with doofy “Bon Jovi” hair doing Walk This Way, January, 1990. 28 seconds.

BELOW: Me in Zimbabwe, with beard, bungeeing off the bridge at Victoria Falls, January, 1998. 1 min. 26 seconds.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! To my wife, mother, sisters, sisters-in-law, and all the mothers out there.

And now…a few photos of Ava and Kaya playing for their T-Ball team, the Catfish.

Easter Egging with Elliot

Though I am the baseball enthusiast, my wife gets credit for signing the girls up for T-Ball. I thought the idea ridiculous, and said it would be better to wait a few years. My reasoning: the girls are cute, but they have no idea about baseball, nor interest. This has been confirmed after the first few games. Despite hours of playing catch they have yet to actually catch a ball mid-air (by chance, a ball once wedged in Ava’s glove, but that doesn’t really count). The concept has yet to sink in, and at home they have to be coerced to throw the ball around, or hit off a tee, namely “hit the tee.” However, to Ava & Gia, T-ball is not baseball so much but playing with friends and running airound, and that…they seem to love. T-ball may only be mock baseball, but for the girls it’s a good first step toward figuring out the national pasttime.

Ava Behind the Plate

Little Catfish






This shot demonstrates Ava's batting skills. Pops takes a picture from the right.


Angels in the infield




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4 responses to “The T-Ball Experience

  1. These are the most AWESOMEST girls of summer ever!!!! The picture entitled “Little Catfish” is an understatement. This is the REAL deal! The action poses of all three says it all.

  2. Scott Driscoll

    As you are aware, what sinks in at this age can’t be predicted. Dain refused to sign up for T-Ball and refused to play catch with me in the yard (maybe he’d say yes to one out of ten requests on my part) and I’d all but given up, when a dad/coach saw him playing on the school playground one afternoon and asked why he wasn’t on a team and then talked him into it. So, flash forward two months. Last night after dinner Dain said Dad let’s go outside and you pitch and I”ll bat and we grabbed the whiffle ball and bat and out we went and part way into it, he hugged me around my legs and said, I’m having a great time. Six months ago I”d have told you you were crazy if you’d told me to expect this. Scott

  3. Christine

    It gets better, after a few years, but it does sink in. My girl is in 10 U softball and they look really good, impressive actually.

    • Thx, Christine,

      It’s great fun, just not the same great it will be in years. Here are a couple incidents from last game that get me thinking it’s a little too early for T-Ball.

      1. The other team had a runner at third, his teammate hits the ball by him into left field, and the runner, instead of going home, runs out to try to get the ball with all the players on our team.

      2. One of our batters swings lefty two or three times and misses. He swings again, and then, without moving his feet, cocks his bat and swings righty, directly into the backstop, hitting a ground ball that rolls by the catcher. The catcher was standing only five feet away. Sheeeeessshhh!!!

      Anyway, it’s cute, and they’ll get the hang, eventually. But I still think it’s a little too early.

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