The Tra-C San-J Wedding! Mayan Riviera, Mexico, May, 2011.

The Maids-of-Honor & the Bride

The Wedding Party video above! Anu Anand, Juice Jones, Tonya Goward, Dottie Perkins, Janice Newell, Tracy Perkins…minus groom-to-be Sanjay Chopra. San-J is cooling down after a wild first night that saw him lose some privileges. Ask San-J for details.

The Kids


Kaya the Flower Girl


Best Sister Terry & Best Man Cousin Anu

Bride & Groom


The Wedding Begins

The Little Four







The Big Four







The Knot Has Been Tied!

Left to Right: Rick Newell, Janice Newell with Ava & Gia & Kaya Powell, Elliot Perkins-Benson, Juice Jones, Jim Perkins, Dottie Perkins, Caleb Powell, Sanjay Chopra, Tracy Perkins, Terry Powell, Anu Anand, Tonya Goward, Gaea Ray, & Jarett


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4 responses to “The Tra-C San-J Wedding! Mayan Riviera, Mexico, May, 2011.

  1. Tracy

    I miss Mexico so much already!

  2. Gaea

    Awesome! Thanks Caleb! 🙂

  3. Excellent photo gallery but where’s the usual witty Caleb commentary? Or is a wedding off limits? Scott

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