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Female Field Goal Kickers

My father in a canoe, Terry & Gia watching

Ready for school!

Who took the noodle from the noodle pan? Kaya!

THE SHORT BLOG: This is a short blog. October has been extremely busy and I had to put something together in order to maintain my quota of at least one blog post a month. The following is a tribute to all those women who love football.

Mother & Daughters

FEMALE FOOTBALL KICKERS: It’s fall, school has started, as well, football season. Every now and then we get a kick in the pants in the female-male gender battle during this time of year because some girl at some high school put on the pads and kicks an extra point.¬†This grabs a headline or two. However, is this really news? This only illustrates gender inequality.

Kaya’s Private Table


Talk to me when there’s a female linebacker or running back. Hey, women are superior in everything except physical feats, and us men need to retain this last vestige.


Family at Lake Chelan

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