Female Field Goal Kickers

My father in a canoe, Terry & Gia watching

Ready for school!

Who took the noodle from the noodle pan? Kaya!

THE SHORT BLOG: This is a short blog. October has been extremely busy and I had to put something together in order to maintain my quota of at least one blog post a month. The following is a tribute to all those women who love football.

Mother & Daughters

FEMALE FOOTBALL KICKERS: It’s fall, school has started, as well, football season. Every now and then we get a kick in the pants in the female-male gender battle during this time of year because some girl at some high school put on the pads and kicks an extra point.¬†This grabs a headline or two. However, is this really news? This only illustrates gender inequality.

Kaya’s Private Table


Talk to me when there’s a female linebacker or running back. Hey, women are superior in everything except physical feats, and us men need to retain this last vestige.


Family at Lake Chelan

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  1. It’s a sad vestige to be our last when in every other category women are surging ahead. Maybe it’s better that we quietly step aside and go back to honoring what we do best (boys, and men, are way more fun in a nerf battle, way better ticklers, way better at growing a mustache and carrying heavy boxes upstairs and relocating spiders). Scott

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