The Powell Family Moves to Edmonds

FIRST DAY in NEW HOUSE - Pops & Jan, Terry & Tracy, Layne & Cindy

The Move: The Powell Family moved from Seattle to Edmonds! We’re sorry to leave Maple Leaf and Seattle, but looking forward to our new home. As this month is super busy this blog is photos only. Highlights: Trip to Bremerton, Ava’s 7th birthday, Kaya’s bowl o’ chocolate chips, and the new house.

Bremerton Ferry

Aunt Tracy, Uncle Chop, Uncle Danny

Ava Turns 7!

Gia the Rock Star

Kaya, you don't get a whole bowl.

Tracy in the new rec room

The Kids

Gia in the new living room




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3 responses to “The Powell Family Moves to Edmonds

  1. Adrienne

    Congrats on the new place. It looks beautiful and Edmonds is a great city with great schools.

  2. 恭喜乔迁之喜!!!

  3. Thx Adrienne, we’re psyched.

    Winnie, 谢谢!我们很高兴搬家,爱花和吉夏想Amber & Ruby.我快要打电话给你。

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