Politically Correct Capitalism

First Day of School for Ava & Gia!

The Business of Parenting:  What’s the most important aspect of parenting? Money. Double-Duh! Thus the theme of today’s blog, accompanied by the usual photos. Special thx to Trudy Tessaro for her “science show” shots.

New appliances, cabinet doors, etc.

Terry Works Twice as Hard:  Recently my wife, Terry, had to fly to Toronto on business, got stuck in Vancouver due to airline eff-ups, ended up arriving at 3:30 a.m., all the while looking forward to a 7:00 a.m. meeting. Later she called and vented. I listened, quaffed beer, and offered magnanimous sympathy as I “looked” after the kids. She told me, “I work so you can play.” I said, “I watch three kids so you can work.” She said,  “Message to stay-at-home wives who think they have it tough. I have no sympathy for the stay-at-home wife.” What she meant, though, was that she has no sympathy for the stay-at-home husband.

Kitchen After Six Months:  Compare above left by clicking here for a photo from the day the house closed, when Pops, Jan, Layne, & Cindy came by. My sister Sarah replaces sis-in-law Tracy.

Dad’s shirts as pajamas.

PCC Grocers:  There’s a co-op in our neighborhood: PCC Natural Market. It stands for Puget Consumers’ Co-op, though I always thought it meant Politically Correct Capitalism, because you pay Cheech & Chong high prices for an organic carrot, giving credence to myths about organic food, and fueling my conviction that only willfully exploited suckers would pay for feel-good-moral-placebo produce. However, my wife likes PCC, and even my right-wing-thinks-Bush-was-too-liberal father has bought into the co-op way. And his cholestoral and fat have dropped. So I’ve gone there a few times, and little by little I’m becoming a believer. Processed foods are bullsqueak unhealthy, and PCC prices aren’t so sky-high as thought. And, well, I just feel better about myself.

At first I blamed Kaya, but my sister Sarah actually put the TOMS in the dishwasher.

TOMS Shoes:  One day my wife came home, gave me a pair of shoes, and told me, “These are great! And we’re helping needy children.” The company? TOMS Shoes. Their shtick? “With every pair you buy, we’ll give to a child in need.” I tried on the quasi-cardboard slippers, and freaked when I found out she paid forty bucks for the bugigangas. I said, “This shoe is worth a buck and a quarter, no thanks.” But somehow she still believes in TOMS and talked my sister, Sarah, into buying a pair. One day I open the dishwasher to TOMS. Evidently, the salesman said this is the best way to clean them. It ruined them, as well as spreading pinkish water on the rest of the dishes, an apt metaphor for the racket. TOMS overcharges and gets away with “charity for profit” marketing, charging the consumer $20 to donate $2.

Waiting for the Science Show

Sarah starts with steel wool, string, & fire…

Booing Tiger:  How nice that Tiger hasn’t won a major since MistressGate. But the question begs asking:  Why can’t you boo in golf? Or cheer someone’s mistake? A missed free throw or field goal can often be greeted with cheers. I’d pay to see Tiger choke on a putt and have someone in the gallery scream, “Yahoooo!!!!”

…to create this. (Photos thx to Trudy Tessaro)

Two Types of Humor:  I was sitting with Terry and her family, and I expounded on the nuances of humor:  Either you’re a laugh slut and find every moronic attempt at humor funny. Or you never laugh, but you crack people up unintentionally but uncomfortably. Then I said, “But rare is the person who can make people laugh, who knows when to laugh, and has awareness of when they or others are not funny.” After I finished my wife said, “You mean not like right now, when you’re boring everybody.”

With Chuck & Ben

Comedy? Drama?  So Terry’s watching a show one night, and I ask her, “So, is this a drama or comedy?”

She tells me, “It’s a dramedy.”

I tell her, “I’m a frenemy of dramedies.”

Taking photos of the kids

The 22-Ounce 24-Ounce Beer:  I’m sure Andy Rooney or someone has raged about this, but why are so many “24-ounce” beers 22-ounces or even less? Gallons of paint are not quite a full gallon, ice cream quarts and pints are shrinking, cheeseburgers are the size of peppermint patties, but they ain’t lowering the price. If I was a marketer, I’d package my product as the full deal.

the kids

Geico Scam: I’m looking over Puget Sound and see a small propellor plane flying with a Geico banner. Why? How can you make money by being so ubiquitous? On radio, TV, everywhere, US society is saturated with Gecko-drek. Save 15% My Ass! My wife and I compared, and Geico did not save.   Their insurance is expensive or lower quality because 40 cents of every dollar they receive goes to their advertising campaign.  Giving credit where credit is due, though, the Eddie Money Geico Ad is pretty funny. (See below)


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6 responses to “Politically Correct Capitalism

  1. John Dankowski

    The She-work-you-stay-home was a deal you both agree on about a decade ago. Time to review the finer points of the agreement? Both of you stay home and send the kids out to deliver newspapers and sell Girl Scout cookies?


    • Daiga and I have had the same talks about PCC. Their mark-up is high and they won’t carry good local produce if it’s not certifiably organic, which means they contribute to global warming by not trying harder to buy strictly local. I’ve learned to be a choosy consumer, which means visiting three stores to shop for food rather than one thsu wasting gas. There’s probably no way to win. FYI, buy a jucier. You’ll really scream at the high cost of produce but you’ll be healthier. Scott Driscoll

  2. 每次读你的文章都很享受,写得特别的好!我很同意关于Toms鞋子的意见,不明白这双普通得不能再普通的而且并不舒服的鞋子为何这么受欢迎,或许时间能改变一切吧。。关于stay-home mom/dad,还是要多互相之间的工作表示尊敬和理解。。。Nice house,love the white kitchen!!! Got your email, but don’t have time to reply, sorry about that, Hope to see you all in SF!

  3. John – Hey, part of the pre-nup was “unmitigated humor.”
    Scott – Yeah. It’s a love-hate thing with PCC. Same with consumerism. No one “saves the environment”, they just destroy it with greater or lesser speed.
    Winnie – 我觉得TOMS 又不舒服又太贵。 怎么办? 很高兴你来儿留言。Next time we’re in SF we’ll look you up. Enjoy.

  4. Hey Brother, funny take on PCC–and accurate. However, I do think there is some benefit to shopping at a place like PCC, as opposed to a place like Safeway. You’re more likely to be conscious about your food decisions.

    I recently switched to a modified Paleo Nutrition plan, probably 80% Paleo 20 percent cheating my ass off. But the results can’t be argued: my allergies have disappeared. Spooky.


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