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Photos & Songs for the End of Summer

On the ferry to Whidbey Island

Tra-C & San-J

Terry, Ava, & Gia

Too Many Cute Photos:  It’s the end of summer, and many great photos didn’t make previous blogs, so I figured I’d write a few words with some additional shots, as well as add a music theme with a shout out to my sister Sarah and her piano pedagogy.

Picking Blueberries w/Farmer Ben

Super Sarah:  A minor health problem meant Sarah had to stay in the United States as her husband and son went back to Saudi Arabia. Fortunately, she had a quick recovery, and as a blessing in disguise, in the short time here she started teaching Ava and Gia piano using her self-made Yellow Cat method. In a matter of two weeks she had Ava & Gia familiar with keyboard geography, and able to play simple one-note songs. Not only that, they enjoy it. Way to go Sarah!

Chopsticks – Is There Any Worse Song? In the spirit, my wife suggested she teach the girls “Chopsticks.” No!!! Man, that song is mad noise, every note is wrong; it’s the result of a primate beating a piano.

At 3 Sisters Farms

Love Song:  And now for another wacky conversation with Tracy. Tra-C, San-J, Terry, and I were sitting around waiting for dinner, and an aptly titled “Love Song” emitted from the speakers. I said, “This is the only ballad from what hard rock band?”

Tracy:  Give us a clue.

Caleb:  It’s one of the biggest hard rock bands ever.

3 Sisters T-Shirts

Tracy:  Does that mean they have a lot of band members?

Caleb:  No.

Tracy:  Another clue.

Caleb:  Take the “T” and “R” from your name.

Tracy:  What? Let’s see, Acy. A-cy. Ace of Base?

Caleb: Ace of Base? Hard rock?

Aunt Sarah and the Girls

Terry:  AC/DC!

My wife makes me proud, once again.

(Click above or here to hear song)

3 Sisters Photos:  Okay, supposedly it’s the Year of the Locavore. And 3 Sisters‘ Farm is about a mile away from my parents’ house on Whidbey Island. And, for those who read my blog on PCC, PCC evidently sells the brand. Go figure.



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