Photos & Songs for the End of Summer

On the ferry to Whidbey Island

Tra-C & San-J

Terry, Ava, & Gia

Too Many Cute Photos:  It’s the end of summer, and many great photos didn’t make previous blogs, so I figured I’d write a few words with some additional shots, as well as add a music theme with a shout out to my sister Sarah and her piano pedagogy.

Picking Blueberries w/Farmer Ben

Super Sarah:  A minor health problem meant Sarah had to stay in the United States as her husband and son went back to Saudi Arabia. Fortunately, she had a quick recovery, and as a blessing in disguise, in the short time here she started teaching Ava and Gia piano using her self-made Yellow Cat method. In a matter of two weeks she had Ava & Gia familiar with keyboard geography, and able to play simple one-note songs. Not only that, they enjoy it. Way to go Sarah!

Chopsticks – Is There Any Worse Song? In the spirit, my wife suggested she teach the girls “Chopsticks.” No!!! Man, that song is mad noise, every note is wrong; it’s the result of a primate beating a piano.

At 3 Sisters Farms

Love Song:  And now for another wacky conversation with Tracy. Tra-C, San-J, Terry, and I were sitting around waiting for dinner, and an aptly titled “Love Song” emitted from the speakers. I said, “This is the only ballad from what hard rock band?”

Tracy:  Give us a clue.

Caleb:  It’s one of the biggest hard rock bands ever.

3 Sisters T-Shirts

Tracy:  Does that mean they have a lot of band members?

Caleb:  No.

Tracy:  Another clue.

Caleb:  Take the “T” and “R” from your name.

Tracy:  What? Let’s see, Acy. A-cy. Ace of Base?

Caleb: Ace of Base? Hard rock?

Aunt Sarah and the Girls

Terry:  AC/DC!

My wife makes me proud, once again.

(Click above or here to hear song)

3 Sisters Photos:  Okay, supposedly it’s the Year of the Locavore. And 3 Sisters‘ Farm is about a mile away from my parents’ house on Whidbey Island. And, for those who read my blog on PCC, PCC evidently sells the brand. Go figure.



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2 responses to “Photos & Songs for the End of Summer

  1. Will you have your daughters playing the piano you moved to the new house? What a disaster that ws in the moving. In what I saw as a pile of broken parts, you saw a piano waiting to be restored. Alas. (FYI, re global warming, even the one famouse skeptic, funded by one of the Koch brothers, came out with a report this fall claiming that his examination of the evidence indicates that the global warming scientists have been right after all; The earth is warming, and the change is conclusively being caused by human greenhouse gas emissions. Whether we should care about it or not is a subject for discussion. Next beer night? Scott

  2. I thought it was a weird discussion, because I was pretty clear that I said global warming is happening, and that humans are responsible, and for some reason you were trying to prove points that we both agreed upon. I was questioning the reactions and whether methods to control global warming are ineffective and hasty and at times harmful. For example, sometimes it costs more to transport recycled material than put it in landwaste. As well, importing gas is more harmful to the environment and costly than drilling here. Yes, consumption needs to be lowered, but that’s a different question. That’s all.

    Anyway, I won’t make beer night tonight, but soon.

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