Christmas 2012 & a New Cousin

Three Generations!

Three Generations!

Elliot holding lil' sis Quincy, Ava holding lil' cousin Gemma

Elliot holding lil’ sis Quincy, Ava holding lil’ cousin Gemma

Pictures trump words:  I’m certain my family and eager fans are waiting for more sexist humor or the next neologism, but this post will be pretty basic. I’m busy and can only offer photos and a diary-like account of the happenings since the last post. Photos trump words anyways, and so why write thousands when I can post pictures?

Stig, Mark, & Sanjay

Stig, Mark, & Sanjay

Lyngras visit:  My sister Sarah returned for the holidays with her son Nikolai and husband Stig. So we had a guys night out with my bro-in-law San-J and neighbor Mark, who has three sons that sometimes play with our three daughters. Stig’s Norwegian, Mark’s from the U.K. and I was born in Taiwan, thus Sanjay is the only native American. We went to Edmonds, a wild urban jungle, and no one remembers what happened.

Two dudes celebrate Baby Chopra & have a cigar

Two dudes celebrate Baby Chopra & have a cigar

Quincy!  The big story is the arrival of baby girl Quincy Taryn Chopra, born on December 1st to Tracy and Sanjay Chopra. A big congrats. All this time I thought Sanjay was a hermaphrodite, but fathering a baby offers contradictory evidence. Cigar time!

Grandy riding the duck with the grandkids

Grandy riding the duck with the grandkids

Duck tour:  So the ladies decided that this year we would “Ride the Duck” thing or whatever. Great fun, you ride this bus through downtown Seattle. Kids loved it. What can I say? As for Christmas, just another holiday season, merry-as-usual, and we’re hunkering down for the New Year.

And the final photo, Christmas Day! Best wishes for 2013!

Christmas Morning!!!

Christmas Morning!!!


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2 responses to “Christmas 2012 & a New Cousin

  1. John Dankowski

    That sure looks like a traditional Christmas all the way. Happy 2013, but instead of another new cousin, maybe it will bring you another daughter!

  2. Looks like a great kid fest all in all, but, do the kids know about the cigar evening? Scott

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