Hard Workin’ Dad

The girls knit!

The girls knit!

Disneyland Bound

Disneyland Bound

Hard workin’ Dad:  My wife, who works long, often crazy hours including weekends, asked the girls who works harder? Mom or Dad? The girls said, “Dad!” Mom said, “No way!” The girls said, “Way!” Mom said, “Why doest thou betray?” Girls said, “We think Dad works harder because he works eight jobs and you only work one.” Mom, of course, was outraged at the mad injustice. Of course she works harder. But Dad’s got game and plan: no matter what he’s doing, he tells the girls he’s “working.” Whether it’s looking after the kids, writing blogs or manuscripts, reading, cooking dinner, playing basketball at the health club, doing “research” on the Internet, or watching a ball game with a beer, Dad always says, “I’m working, don’t bother me.” Smart dad, I’d say.



Kayaboogs:  Kaya will turn four this spring equinox, and she’s definitely growing. Even though she’s shy with strangers, there’s no shame when picking her nose. She’ll just be hanging with a finger tusk emerging out of her nostril, and no matter how much we make fun of her, she just laughs and laughs. Lately, though, things have taken an ominous twist, as I’ll be driving and I’ll hear from the backseat, “Garbage!” I’ll reach my hand back and she’ll deposit a snot nugget in the palm of my hand. Hmm…I wonder if she has her dad’s sense of humor.

A Tale of Two Tables

A Tale of Two Tables

End of the Table:  In our living room we had an end table. Over the years a coaster-less drink or two left a mark on the surface, making it a useless piece of junk in my wife’s eyes. My wife is a fan of the “distressed” look of home furnishing, unless it’s real, and then she wants to replace. I’m a fan of “distressed” home furnishing because it means no need to worry about the next mark caused by a coaster-less drink. But my wife won this battle, jettisoned a perfectly good “distressed” piece, and bought a new end table for the living room.

Gia wearing a "Caleb" shirt

Gia wearing a “Caleb” shirt


Question – Why did the carpenter laugh after smashing his thumb?

Answer – Because he had a strange sense of hammer.

(And for politics, pop culture, and more of the same sense of “hammer,” go to my other blog – Richard Cheese vs. Rage Against the Machine)

Video of Christmas Past:


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3 responses to “Hard Workin’ Dad

  1. The three angles are growing so fast, especially Ava, what a tall girl!! Love the green sweater Gia wears:) .新年快乐!万事如意!心想事成!蛇年大吉!

  2. Did your girls really say that? You do have them well trained. I bet you’ll be watching the super bowl. Dain has talked me into watching it at my sister’s place because she has a souped up version of Minecraft and a big screen and that’s what he’ll be doing while I cheer vainly for San Fran. Scott

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