A Fine Sense of Humor

Before the Father-Daughter Dance

Before the Father-Daughter Dance

Tracy w/ex Portland Blazer Bill Walton...or is it my Father-in-law?

Tracy w/ex Portland Blazer Bill Walton…or is it my Father-in-law?

Goin' Dancing!

Goin’ Dancing!

Anatomy of a Joke:  Recently San-J, Tra-C, my wife, and I had dinner. Conversation drifted to my sense of humor/sense of hammer from my recent blog. They called me corny! Corny? I had to lay more humor down, explaining the formula joke, a common theme used and misused by the comedian…I started with why Arabic food cracks me up…because of my sense of hummus.

Happy 8th B-Day Ava!

Happy 8th B-Day Ava!

From one joke many:  I’m in overdrive, and posit, “Why does Tracy dig it when people talk about her? Her excellent sense of rumor.” Tracy said, “I don’t get it.” The back & forth trumped the joke, and she still said she didn’t get it. Then I waxed, “You hear about the grumpy oncologist who was fired? He had no sense of tumor.” More: “Why do the Superbowl halftime guys put up with that ex-Bengal QB? Because they have a good sense of Boomer.” The eyes kept rolling. Finally San-J said, “You know what I think of your jokes?”And he let out a big gasser, exhibiting his own scent of humor.



Mom & Gia Skating

Mom & Gia Skating

Subtle Man: So I’m going to a respectable function and my wife says, “You’re not wearing that T-shirt, are you?” I retreat to the bedroom, throw on a collared shirt, and head out, but my wife notices the T underneath. She says, “I see you didn’t take it off.” I said, “It’s what I call my subtle-T!”

I'm a Rainbow Warrior

I’m a Rainbow Warrior

From our balcony in Waikiki

From our balcony in Waikiki

Sad Ava: Bedtime. We send Ava to get a book to read, and she somehow gets a hold of the wrong one:  Go the F*ck to Sleep. Mom says no way. I second it. Ava starts crying because we won’t let her read the book. And in an ironic and predictable twist, guess what mom and dad were thinking?

Sister's family in Hawaii

Sister’s family in Hawaii

Min & Somjait's house with my wife w/niece & nephew

Min & Somjait’s house with my wife w/niece & nephew

It Just Gets Worse:  And a grand finale. My wife sees me as a glass not just half empty, but almost completely empty. She excessively badgers me and I had enough. I lost it and said, “I can’t stand your nagitivity!” Ba-ba-baaa-Boom!

Trail to Diamond Head

Trail to Diamond Head

Waianae, outside my sister's house.

Waianae, outside my sister’s house.

OK, the above joke is fiction, my wife’s great, we just got back from Hawaii (where my sister Min lives with husband & three kids) and a kid-free vacation (except for my sister’s varmints). Enjoy pictures of the Father-Daughter Dance, Ava’s birthday, and Oahu.

Video of the Month: Remember when Tracy got her PhD in Hair in my blog Hair Science? Now she’s doing promo for her salon! See Tra-C in  Fun Kuts, with a cameo by San-J and his scent of humor.


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2 responses to “A Fine Sense of Humor

  1. John Dankowski

    Aloha!  You are living the good life.  Keep it up, along with the sense of humor.


  2. Happy Birthday Ava!! 三朵金花都长大了!!!Min’s house in Hawaii has a huge yard, hehe….Wow, Tracy’s hair salon rocks! A lot of surprised pictures in this blog! Happy to see your good life!

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