Football, Family, Seahawks, 49ers

Hike to Wallace Falls

Hike to Wallace Falls

Rainy September

Rainy September

Breakfast a la Gia & Ava

Breakfast a la Gia & Ava

This September we had many firsts, school, soccer and football. The Seahawks squeaked a win over Carolina and then played the rival San Francisco 49ers. My wife, though, told me she was rooting for San Fran?

San Fran? Evidently, she read an article on the 49ers QB, and in the tradition of her favorite Seattle Mariner, “Helix Fernandez,” she explained, “I like the 49ers because of that Kafenitch guy.”

Kane Hall in front of Suzallo Library

Kane Hall in front of Suzallo Library

Gia's First Day of 2nd Grade

Gia’s First Day of 2nd Grade

ESPN vs. Time: The story goes that “Kafenitch” was adopted. Earlier ESPN did an article on his birth mother, who seemed aghast at why her son wanted nothing to do with her, and the reporter agreed without deep examination. This summer Time magazine talked to Kaepernick. The facts: His adoptive parents had lost two sons to birth defects related to heart disease, raised him, and not until fame did his birth mother “appear.” Kaepernick says, “My mother is the one who raised me.”

Ava's First Day of 3rd Grade

Ava’s First Day of 3rd Grade

Seahawks Time

Seahawks Time

Kaepernick added, “What most people don’t realize is in that same conversation I was having with my mom, where I can tell she felt that she was being attacked, and she was being kind of pushed to the side…I feel like a lot of people have put the focus on my birth mother, and no one gives my mother the credit that she deserves.

nainai hua




His message to birth mother: “I mean, she worked twelve-hour night shifts for thirty-something years, and she worked night shifts so she could be home to send us off to school, and be there when we got home from school. I’m very appreciative…you weren’t the one working those night shifts, you weren’t the one driving me an hour and a half, two hours on the weekends to go work with a quarterback coach for an hour or two, and driving me back. My mom has gone above and beyond for so long.”

Kaya and Cleo

Kaya and Cleo

Family & Football: My wife thought that was a standup attitude, and I’ll agree, so she roots for Kaepernick. Thing is, she couldn’t care less about football, and thinks it takes away from Sunday family time. Not true, I watched the Seahawks kick the 49ers, 29-3, with my bro-in-law and father-in-law.

Corny Joke of the Month: A bald guy walks into a store and asks for a bottle of bubbly to celebrate, the clerk says, “Sorry, we’re all out.” The bald guy says, “How about something to help me grow more hair?” The clerk says, “We don’t have that, either.” Bald guy says, “I can’t believe it, that really hurts.” Clerk says, “You know what they say, no champagne, no rogaine.”

Photo of the month: Katskhi Pillar, Georgia (European)


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5 responses to “Football, Family, Seahawks, 49ers

  1. John Dankowski

    Keep up living the good life, and don’t let the government shut down shut you down.


  2. Shantina Steele

    It’s fun to see your kids on the Wallace! I grew up playing on the river 🙂 Hope you are doing well!! Shantina

  3. Shantina Steele

    …I grew up playing on the Wallace River…

  4. Hey, in that photo of your girls at home, there is serious water pouring out of a downspout. Better check that out. Years ago in Greece I saw a monastery atop a rock pillar much like the one you show here. I guess they don’t watch much NFL. Hey, see you tomorrow. Scott

  5. @John – Stay dependable! The government shut down will be history in a few weeks.
    @Shantina – Very cool. I wasn’t there, the girls took the kids hiking and the football fans stayed home.
    @Scott – Great reading at Hugo House!

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