The Sexist Stay-at-home Santa

圣诞快乐!The Sexist Stay-at-home Santa Clause

圣诞快乐!The Sexist Stay-at-home Santa Clause


Going to another Xmas party

Indian Dress

Indian Dress

Santa Dad:  Kaya’s Chinese pre-school needed a Santa who could speak a little Chinese and looked the part. Not that I look like Mr. Claus, but 圣诞节快乐!小朋友今年你怪不怪? 哎呀!在一个火车玩具?

Gia the Outstanding Orca

Gia the Outstanding Orca

Christmas with the in-laws

Christmas with the in-laws

Underwear Underwhere? Underwear by definition are clothes worn underneath. They cannot be inside out. Half the time I put them on my wife says, “Caleb, you put your underwear on backwards.”

Method to the ol’ Madness:  In my world, putting underwear on “backwards” spreads the wear and tear. But no matter how I explain, my wife just doesn’t buy it.

An Xmas card unused

An Xmas card unused

Kaya and Santa Dad

Kaya and Santa Dad

Joke of the month:  What happened when the melon tried to run away with the pineapple to get married?

Answer:  He discovered that he cantaloupe.

Book/Film: And on a final note, the Sexist Stay-at-home Santa/Father has a forthcoming book/film. Actor/director/writer James Franco, this December, shot I Think You’re Totally Wrong:

I Think You're Totally Wrong

I Think You’re Totally Wrong


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5 responses to “The Sexist Stay-at-home Santa


    So happy for you Caleb!! Tyler told me your news a few days ago and I think it is awesome!! So proud of you! Shantina

  2. John Dankowski

    Just put on that red suit as you did, and any little kid will think that you are Santa Claus!

  3. Jacqui Good

    Hello Caleb and all the best of the season! It was a delight to receive the newsletter … love the joke of the month which we’ll pass on to our 10 year old grandson.

    Congratulations on the book and film…sounds absolutely fascinating. We continue to travel and put on musicals here — lots of partying over the festive season including my husband’s 74th birthday today. Jazz singer daughter Holly Cole turned 50 recently ..we took over a Toronto jazz club and cut a rug …. again, all the best, Jacqui

    Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 00:28:58 +0000

  4. @Shantina, Thx, I’ll tell you more next time I’m on Whidbey. @John, As soon as I walked into the room Kaya started screaming 爸爸! Not only that, I’m a Santa in socks, as the school has a No Shoes policy. @Jacqui, Thx, Glad to hear all is well with you and your family.

  5. David Shields is front and center in the Franco film photo. Where is Caleb? Did I miss you? I can hardly wait to hear how your days of filming went.

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