Female Superiority, Girls Basketball Style





Pass to Me!  I am coaching Ava’s Third Grade basketball team. After the first practice their concept of the game seemed to be dribble around, if you got close to the basket you shot, and when you didn’t have the ball you were supposed to cry “Pass” or “Pass to me.” Our favorite play was the “dribble until someone takes the ball or you lose it” play.

The Hornets Celebrating a Win

The Hornets Celebrating a Win

Girl-to-Girl “D”:  As far as defense, they get the gist, but it’s taken me a while to lose the habit of saying “man” as in “stay between your man and the basket.” Every time I say “man” a girl quickly corrects my sexist habit. It’s “OK, girls, stay on your girl!” And if that’s odd, why’s it man-to-man, even with boys, but not woman-to-woman?

A Bulldog & a Hornet

A Bulldog & a Hornet

Quick Learners:  However, because girls belong to the superior sex, they learn quicker and have better attitudes. We started off the season with a 24-10 loss to the Purple Flames, and the second time we played them we turned it around and won, 26-10. Sniff, sniff, I’m so proud of them.

Three Little Indians

Three Little Indians on a Sunny January Day

The “I’m sick” schtick:  Universal conundrum in the vein of “crying wolf.” Gia (a Bulldog basketballer) has been using the “I’m sick” schtick lately. Kaya’s learning, too. As soon as they have to do chores, homework, take long rides, or wake up in the morning, they don’t feel too good. Play dates with friends, though, guarantee a quick recovery.

Two Winter Contrasts:  The girls on the sled and the girls on the deck happened weeks apart. It was about 40 degrees on the deck, though.

Neighbor Jake and the Girls

Neighbor Jake and the Girls


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6 responses to “Female Superiority, Girls Basketball Style

  1. Gladys

    Great post! Had a lot of fun reading and imagining you in your new job. Can’t picture you as a tough coach, though! 🙂

  2. Dottie

    I loved this post Caleb, and some awesome pics of the girls. As always I get a chuckle when I read your comments, haha. Dottie

  3. John Dankowski

    Girls rule! (And they know it)

  4. Very cute as always. I assume you don’t fall for that I’m sick routine. Dain has his version. It will tire him out… I have yet to see that actually happen. I wonder what it would really take?

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