Flora, Our Chinese Exchange Student

At Safeco Field

At Safeco Field

Welcome Flora! 欢迎周灿!



Zhou Can:  In March we started the process to be a host family for an exchange student from China. We looked at applications, and felt comfortable with a girl from Chongquing, Zhou Can (周灿 – pronounced close to “Jo Tsan”). She had solid grades and eclectic tastes, including Kafka, dancing, and cats.

Zoo Can:  My wife, Terry, in her Terryesque way, insisted on calling her “Zoo Can” every time the topic came up. We had a lot of questions concerning having a stranger live with us for an entire year.

Safeco Field

Safeco Field

Cultural Homestay:  After a lot of back and forth and psychological preparation, including my eternal promise to be the best husband ever (a deal I make repeatedly with Terry), we agreed to give it a shot. Cultural Homestay International, the agency responsible for setting up host families with exchange students, did a great job of hooking us up and answering questions.



Flora and the Girls:  Flora arrived on August 19. So far so good, the girls like Flora, Flora has not tired of hanging out with them. She even chooses to sit in the back seat of our minivan, and when shopping or at parks the girls clamor to hold hands with Flora. For the first two days the girls didn’t fight with each other, little by little, though, they’re reverting, but we think Flora will be a good influence. The 2014-2015 school year promises to be a lot of fun.

Birthdays this month: Nephew Nikolai, Danny, Flora, and I.

Celebrating Danny's Birthday

Celebrating Danny’s Birthday


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5 responses to “Flora, Our Chinese Exchange Student

  1. Kudos! Really good to read this. Have a great experience.

  2. John Dankowski

    You are going to show that young Chngqing lady a whole new marvelous world! And I’ll bet your mom will be wanting to exchange as much Mandarin with her as she can get…


  3. 你们都太棒了,太有勇气了!Happy belated Birthday , Caleb!(sorry, I was sick that day when celebrating Amber’s bday.)

  4. Susan Etchey, Thanks, hope all’s well with you.
    John, My mom and Flora have hit it off well, so far.
    Winnie, 没关系。谢谢你的关心。 你们喜欢旧金山吗?

  5. Hey Caleb– we have an exchange student this year also– from Japan– Been about 2 months now– and so far so good.

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