Stockholm Sydrome

Going to Whidbey Island

Going to Whidbey Island

Family of Six:  We’re now six, with Flora our exchange student, who attends Meadowdale High School. It should be a good year.

Tae Kwan Do Kaya

Tae Kwan Do Kaya

Stockholm Syndrome:  Lately my wife, Terry, has been screaming “Stockholm Sydrome” every time I’m not performing to her standards. She’ll say, “Why did you drink all the coffee? You’re giving me Stockholm Syndrome!” or “It’s family movie night, if you don’t watch with everybody then it’s Stockholm Syndrome.”

Kaya and Marcus, Inc.

Kaya and Marcus, Inc.

Huh? Stockholm Syndrome is having empathy and even positive feelings for your kidnapper/oppressor, as happened when Patty Hearst was kidnapped and eventually became an accomplice of the Symbionese Liberation Front. I try to tell Terry this, and her response? “You oppress me and I have no empathy for you.” Geezish! Then stop saying you have Stockholm Syndrome.

First day...

First day…

...of school

…of school

West Space Fossil Lane:  Flora has a classmate, Maggie, from her school in China doing an exchange program on Whidbey Island. Maggie’s host family lives a fifteen minute drive from my parents’ house. Last Sunday I took Maggie to our place, Maggie said her host family needed an address to pick her up. I told Maggie, “It’s…West Fossil Lane.” Maggie typed, “Westfossil Lane.” I said, “It’s West ‘space’ Fossil Lane.” So Maggie retyped and showed me, “Westspacefossil Lane.”

Anyone want chocolate milk juice?

Anyone want chocolate milk juice?

Crowded Bed:  Often I’ll tuck the girls into their bed and stay up late, and one of the girls sneaks into mom and dad’s room. When I’m ready to sleep, there’s no space, which means dad has to carry said girl to bed. Recently, I discovered not one girl, but all three clustered around mom, legs and arms everywhere. Kaya’s awake, looks at me, and says, “It’s okay, you can sleep in my bed.”

Pizza for Grandpa's 80th

Pizza for Grandpa’s 80th

Grandpa turns 80:  Happy Birthday!

Random Thought: Why are there people who make $50/hr or more but drive ten minutes and four miles out of their way in order to save 12 cents a gallon on gas?

Gia in a kayak

Gia in a kayak

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