Funny Flora’s First Christmas

Christmas Morn at Grandy's House

Christmas at Grandy’s House

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! 圣诞快乐! 恭喜发财! 新年快乐!

Christmas Morn

Christmas Morn

Our exchange student, Flora, “walks for fitness.” She is quite the comedienne. She’s enjoying America, along with the challenge of our schools, a definite contrast with China’s. At Meadowdale High Flora is taking two Math classes, History, English, Photography, and P.E. – “Walking for Fitness.” Really. In “Walking for Fitness” Flora and classmates do just that, walk around the neighborhood; on rainy days they walk around the gym. One time I asked her what she did in the class, and she said, “Today we walked to McDonald’s.” Funniest thing she’s said all year, and she wasn’t joking.

Gia's Supersonic Present

Dad Wearing Daughter Gia’s Present

Flora Learns U.S. History:  Flora finds History difficult, as studying law and wars and politics in a second language would be for any foreigner. Her teacher was talking about Jim Crow, Civil War, segregation, and equal rights. Someone said, “Hey, if we’re equal, why do girls and boys have different bathrooms?”

Flora blurted, “It’s science!”

Ava's Noodles

Ava’s Noodles

Math Good!  Flora switched an Art class for a second Math class. Why? She said, “The math is so easy, we did this in 8th Grade!” However, upon arrival she couldn’t ride a bike or swim, and has little art training. True conversation, paraphrased:

Us:  “Flora, don’t you have Art in China?”

Flora: “Yes, we call it Math.”

Us: “What about P.E.?”

Flora: “We have that, too, we call it Math.”


More presents

Food break – Cooking with Ava:  Ava’s got noodles. And she’s starting a cookbook. Check out her recipe and follow step #6. Enjoy!

You say potato, Kaya says tomato!  Whether I bake ’em, mash ’em, fry ’em, do au gratin, or roast ’em, Kaya gets all excited and says, “MMM, I love tomatoes.” We correct her, she seems to get it, and next time we bring out the spuds, she’s, “Can I have some tomatoes?”

Here’s to a great 2015!

Preparing for Santa

Preparing for Santa pictures

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  1. John Dankowski

    Flora’s school walk to McDonald’s:  We have a Hash House Harriers group here; they often jog around town for a few hours, and then end up in a fast food place. the second event nullifying the first.   From: Notes of a Sexist Stay-at-home Father To: Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2014 1:45 PM Subject: [New post] Funny Flora’s First Christmas

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