April Shots

Mother & Daughter

Mother & Daughter

Dad’s got  a great sense of humor:  My daughters get silly mad over stuff like “who gets the bigger cookie.” Recently, Kaya bawled because dad forgot to give her a “whipped cream smiley face” on her waffle. Gia rages when Kaya plays with a long forgotten toy, Ava stomps into her room because dad points out that 1/4 + 2/3 is not 3/12. It’s hard being a fourth grader.

How does dad handle? With humor. Namely, I go  on “humor patrol,” looking for their lost sense of humor in armpits, knees, or under the chin. (notice that deft switch from third to first person?) Unfortunately, this only seems to get them angrier.

Enjoying spring w/Uncle Sanjay, Grandmama & Grandpapa

Enjoying spring w/Uncle Sanjay, Grandmama & Grandpapa

Doctor Time:  Ava had her yearly checkup. The doctor said all’s well and asked, “Any other concerns?” I said, “Yes, actually, Ava’s been grumpy. I think she ‘s lost her sense of humor. Do you have humor shots?” The doctor, indeed, happened to have an especially big needle and would be happy to give Ava a shot of humor.

Aunt Tracy, Ava, Gia, and Cousin Elliott

Aunt Tracy, Ava, Gia, and Cousin Elliott

Ava’s Response: 
 Did Ava laugh? No. She crossed her arms, rolled eyes, and groaned, Kaya and Gia (they came too) started laughing, and then I told the doctor all three daughters could use a sense of humor. Boy, talk about girls with no sense of humor.

April Fools:  On March 31st Kaya lost a front tooth and stuck it under the pillow. Turned out the tooth fairy didn’t need any humor shots, because the next day Kaya turned over the pillow to find…a banana peel. Poor Kaya picked up the peel with quite the sad face. (Dad bought it from Kaya for a dollar)

Toothless Kaya

Toothless Kaya

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