The House Rules

Spring on Penn Cove

Mom and girls having “fun” on Penn Cove.

House rules:  Whenever my daughters want to invite a friend over I insist on these rules.

Kaya & Kasia

Kaya & Kasia disobeying the rules

1.  No smiling!

2.  No laughing!

3.  No fun!

4.  Only speak Chinese!

Fair. But what do you think happens as soon as I lay down the wall? That’s right, girls start laughing, having fun, and filling the house with English.

Movie News:  Our film, I Think You’re Totally Wrong, w/James Franco, David Shields, and I, played 3 times in Seattle (May 30, 31, June 1), and was written up by The Stranger.

Video of Gia the Gymnast:

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One response to “The House Rules

  1. John Dankowski

    They’re being defiant.  Change the rule to speak only English and that’ll take care of the problem.

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