Sharks (Gia in front, Middle – Elise, M’Kenzie, Elayna, Maia – Back – Alexandra, Hazel, Ava


Hungry Sharks

Hungry Sharks

Hornets Become Sharks:  This winter David Hollow and I coached the Hornets (the girls wanted to be Sharks in spring), a 4th grade girls team (Under 10 years old), and we won the league with a 9-0 record thanks to the spirited effort and play of all.

More of the same?  Spring rolled around, and I went to register for basketball. They said the league would be a 4th and 3rd grade league. This would be problematic, as except for the championship game, we won every game with 30+ points and our opponents scoring 10 or less. To add 3rd graders would dilute the competition

View from the pizzeria

View from the pizzeria

5th & 6th graders:  So I asked if we could bump up a league, to 5th & 6th graders (Under 12). They let us do it.

What happened?  We had close games with every game in question going into the 4th quarter. Including one with us down 6-9 with three minutes to go, but we scored the last 5 to win 11-9. We went 6-1, had the best record, but…

One loss?  The one loss was difficult and we were missing Elise, one of our best all around players. The team that beat us lost 3 games, so we won the league, but we would have loved a rematch. Next year. Bottom line, the girls improved, 4th graders (and one 3rd grader, my daughter Gia) outplayed older girls. Way to go Sharks!

Family trip to Leavenworth:



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