Talking in Front of Kaya

Niece Satori

Niece Satori in a library in Hawaii w/my book

On the waterfront

On the water front

Coupeville Festival

Coupeville Festival

What a summer!  Coupeville Festival, Mud Run, Whidbey Island, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Stig, and Nephew Nikolai, and a trip to Pike Place Market to check out where chewers stick their gum on for all eternity, the “Gum Wall.”

Gum Wall at Pike Place

Gum Wall at Pike Place

Pike Place Ladies

Pike Place Ladies

Kaya Hears Everything:  So the other night, my birthday celebration, Terry and I are talking and the word “sex” came out more than once (and not in a dirty way). Still, Kaya, sitting next to Terry, popped her head up and said, “Hello! I’m right here and you said ‘sex’! And I’m just a kid!”

Mud Run!

Mud Run!

Elliot in the mud

Elliot/Ava/Gia in the mud

Boring Blog:  I’ve been getting another round of complaints about how boring this blog has become. True. It’s mostly pictures and platitudes, and devoid of humor. I’m lazy, but I’ve come up with this corny coke:

Joke of the month:  What do you call a Latter Day Saint who drinks and smokes?

An oxymormon!

Washing Mud

Washing Mud


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2 responses to “Talking in Front of Kaya

  1. Okay, here’s my son’s joke for you. What does the Buddhist say to the hotdog vendor? Make me one with everything.

  2. John Dankowski

    ….or stormin’ Mormon…

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