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The Unfriendly Daughter

Green Mud-Dragons

Green Mud-Dragons

The Halloweeners

The Halloweeners

Friend or Daughter?  The other day I tell my oldest daughter, Ava, that she’s my “Little Friend.” Her response?

“We’re not friends. We can’t be friends.”

I ask, “Why?”

She says, “Because you’re my dad.”

So I mope a little, and she gives me a kiss and says, “I still love you.”

My "friend" Ava

My “friend” Ava

I say, “Mom’s best friends are her mom and sister. Family can be friends.”

So Ava says, “Okay. You can be my friend, but just not my ‘best’ friend.”

November Notes:  The Fall 2014 Green Dragons finished the regular season 8-0-1, outscoring opponents 46-5, and winning the semi-final 7-0, and the final 3-1.

And Ava made the Lady Mavs, a feeder team for Edmonds-Meadowdale’s basketball team. And the Lady Mavs won the Turkey Weekend tournament. Congrats to both daughters.





November 30, 2015 · 10:40 am