The Unfriendly Daughter

Green Mud-Dragons

Green Mud-Dragons

The Halloweeners

The Halloweeners

Friend or Daughter?  The other day I tell my oldest daughter, Ava, that she’s my “Little Friend.” Her response?

“We’re not friends. We can’t be friends.”

I ask, “Why?”

She says, “Because you’re my dad.”

So I mope a little, and she gives me a kiss and says, “I still love you.”

My "friend" Ava

My “friend” Ava

I say, “Mom’s best friends are her mom and sister. Family can be friends.”

So Ava says, “Okay. You can be my friend, but just not my ‘best’ friend.”

November Notes:  The Fall 2014 Green Dragons finished the regular season 8-0-1, outscoring opponents 46-5, and winning the semi-final 7-0, and the final 3-1.

And Ava made the Lady Mavs, a feeder team for Edmonds-Meadowdale’s basketball team. And the Lady Mavs won the Turkey Weekend tournament. Congrats to both daughters.





November 30, 2015 · 10:40 am

2 responses to “The Unfriendly Daughter

  1. John Dankowski

    From the photos, your daughters don’t lack for friends.

  2. So at least you get to be her friend. The other morning at breakfast, before rushing off to school, Dain (he’s in 6th grade), pissed at me for giving him yet again cut up green peppers on his plate, looked across the table at me and said: Dad, you mind if I switch sides of the table and sit by you? For a moment I thought, hey, a bonding moment. But no. Asked why, he responded: I don’t want to have to look at you while I eat my breakfast. And as much as they piss you off, you look at their smooth young beautiful faces and you know, they are inheriting the earth and your best years are behind you and you know it and they know it and there is nothing you can do about that and they will remind you whenever it serves their purposes. But they love you all the same.

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