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Persoppetty T

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!



Kaya’s Reading:  Kaya’s learning to read, and doing pretty well, I suppose. She’ll often run into a word she doesn’t know, and then spell it and ask for help. So one day she spells a word, and it sounds like “D-O-N-it.”

I say, “Donut.”

She says, “No.”

Then she spells it again.

Gia Jett loves rock 'n' roll

Gia Jett loves rock ‘n’ roll

I figure it out, take a look, and tell her it’s, “D-O-N-apostrophe-T.”

I ask her to read it back.

She says, “D-O-N-persoppetty-T.”

Two weeks later, and she’s still calling it a “persopetty.”

Too cute, so I’m going to let her figure this one out on her own.


Happy New Year!


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