Chick ‘n’ Roll

January Hail

January Hail




Football & Basketball:  January is  filled with Seahawks and girls’ basketball, this year the latter ramped up as both Gia and Ava play on my Sno-King team, plus each have another team that plays tournaments. And Kaya plays, too. One weekend each girl had a league game, plus Ava and Gia had tournaments with minimums of four games. That’s 11 games. One game overlapped with the Seahawks/Vikings playoff game.



Your Daughter or Seahawks?  When I told my wife I wanted to miss Ava’s tournament game and watch the Hawks, my wife presented me with this question. Of course, I’d choose my daughter a million-fold. But between one of my daughter’s 30+ games, or playoff football? That’s easy.

Chick ‘n’ Roll:  This is my third year as a girls basketball coach, as I detailed previously in Female Superiority, Girls Basketball Style. I’ve been corrected a gazillion times when I use “man,” and have gotten into the habit of saying “let’s play girl-to-girl defense” and “cover your girl.” So, when I try to teach them a screen, or a pick ‘n’ roll, guess what they want me to call it? Chick ‘n’ roll. Sorry, I won’t do it, I’m stickin’ with “pick.”



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  1. Hey, tough choice. Assuming you watched the playoff game, did you wonder if you could have traveled back in time and changed the choice? Scott

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