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Gia Buttface

Ferry to Whidbey

Ava, Hazel, Gia, Kaya on the ferry to Whidbey Island



Gia, Kaya, and Wabbits!

Surnames:  Gia asked me why our name was Powell and not Perkins (my wife’s maiden name). I explained. She said, “I guess I would be okay with changing my name to my husband’s. Except if his last name is really dumb. Like Buttface. If my husband’s last name was Buttface, then I’d stay with Powell.” Way to make a stand, Gia!

Uncle Sanjay, Gia, Friend Naomi holding cousin Devi

Uncle Sanjay, Gia, Friend Naomi holding cousin Devi

Instructing Kaya:  Kaya wanted to cook, and promised she could “do it all by myself!” Then she said, “But I’m going to need the destructions so I can know how to do it.”

Ava & Eye Shadow:  Ava emerges from her room with some mad blue eye shadow, Lilly Munster style. So I say, “What’s up with that?” Ava says, “I hate makeup, I’m just doing an experiment.” Whew, what a relief.

Seattle Storm

Seattle Storm

The Storm:  The Powell family went to a Seattle Storm game recently with girls I’ve coached, some since 3rd grade (they, not me). The Storm retired Lauren Jackson’s jersey after the game and the girls ran around court during a break. Gia exclaimed, “I got three feet away from Lauren Jackson! I’m so lucky!” I told her, “Or Lauren Jackson got three feet from Gia. She’s pretty lucky, too.”

Girls pictured L to R, Back row:  Maia, McKenna, Ava, Gia, Hazel. In front of Hazel are M’Kenzie and Naomi, and squatting is Jordan.

Basketball Camp

Basketball camp. Back row girls I’ve coached, Elise, Hazel, Ava, and Maia. Gia’s holding the ball, and Kaya’s sitting third from left.


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