The rains are coming

The rains soak the Green Dragons

And now, Ava and Gia’s Green Dragons and Kaya’s Purple Sounders, with Halloween photos mixed in:

Kaya and her pumpkin

Kaya and her pumpkin “Joe”

Green Mud Dragons

Green Mud Dragons

Gia and Kaya

Gia and Kaya

In Snohomish

In Snohomish

Gia's Stormtrooper

Gia’s Stormtrooper

Flora & friend Amber watch game

Flora & friend Amber attend game

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival, Gia holding cousin Quincy


Purple Sounders

Purple Sounders


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3 responses to “SOCCtobER

  1. Dottie

    I love all these photos Caleb. They really give us a sense of autumn activities and fun.

  2. Be sure to save these photos. One day in the not too distant future they will be big and obstreperous and probably cute but not so cuddly and you’ll look back on these moments as treasures. I didn’t know you were a soccer coach. Is it better to be the coach or the dad on the sidelines, watching and wincing and knowing you’ve heavily over-invested in the value of such a thing? (And knowing you would again in a heartbeat?)

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