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The Christmas Wars



Aunt Tracy w/her nieces, Ava (11), Gia (10), Kaya (7)

Aunt Tracy w/her nieces, Ava (11), Gia (10), Kaya (7)

Christmas Skepticism:  On Christmas morning Ava asked:

“How come Santa uses the same wrapping paper as Mom and Dad?”

Mom and Dad looked at one another. Gia, still a believer, said:

“Sometimes he needs to borrow wrapping paper after he comes down the chimney.”

Christmas Controversy:  I don’t know if the so-called “War on Christmas” is a thing, it seems hyperbole, but evidently there are people offended by “Merry Christmas.” Don’t believe me? Check out the headlines:

Is Saying Merry Christmas Politically Correct?Forbes
Don’t Say Merry Christmas, It Might Offend SomeoneTelegraph
Merry Christmas vs. Happy HolidaysChicago Tribune



War?  The iconoclast in me used to say “Merry Stressmas” or “Happy Holidays,” and write “Xmas,” but no more. PC on steroids has gotten out of control, and thus, to be subversive, we must start saying “Merry Christmas” again.

Respect:  Even religious holidays can be celebrated as secular. Or not, but that’s an individual choice. When I lived in the Middle East I respected Ramadan though I did not fast. This meant I would not chomp on a falafel in front of the other Middle Eastern teachers at our high school, and partaking an Eid feast with them. Holidays should bring people together, right?

Offense Culture:  It’s time to reserve the right to be offended…but only by things that are truly offensive.

These Muslim Americans Celebrating Christmas Remind Us That We’re Not All That Different

Thus I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas this year, and best wishes for a Happy 2017!

Joke of the Day:  Did you hear about the metal/grunge band that went vegan? They’re called Rage Against the Cuisine.

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

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