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Happy Birthmonth to Kaya

Happy 8th!

Last Snow of the Year

Birthmonth?  This February, for Kaya’s birthday, she went do Disneyland with her Mom, Aunt Melissa, and cousin Gemma, even though Kaya’s birthday was a month later. This meant no big presents. Kaya should be happy, right?


Nope:  So for the last couple weeks, every day it’s, “Dad, can we go to Revelation (Fro-Yo)? It’s my birthday this month.” “Dad, can I have ice cream, my birthday is in two weeks!” “Dad, it’s my birthday this Saturday, so can we get dessert?”

Princess Disease:  On April 1 (no fooling) she’s getting a roller skate party with friends, she’s being taken out by her grandparents, and then a combined birthday party with family. Her birthday has lasted part of February and all of March. Talk about milking the most out of a birthday.

Ava at State

Ava the “Tween”:  Now that our 12-year-old Ava is a “Tween,” she’s getting a little bit more private and moody, and this includes taking a plate of food and eating in her bedroom by herself. Plates accumulate, and she was a habit of not putting them back in the sink. So the other day when I discovered dishes in her room, I took her pillows and blankets and placed them by the dining table and told her, “Alright, Ava, if you want to eat in your bedroom, then you can sleep in the dining room.” Her response? “Dad, you’re not funny!”


Gia in Band


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