February 2018 Photos

Lady Mavs at Red Lion, Port Angeles

Meadowdale Lady Mavs 6th Grade went to Port Angeles for Presidents’ Day Tournament 2018 and went 3-1, runner up.

Ava’s 7Th Grade team won tourney at Port Angeles!

Girls 5-8th from Meadowdale Feeder Program

Kaya at Burke Museum


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  1. Whole lotta basketball. I thought you were the coach? Your daughter’s a good ball handler. There’s a future in this for her. That said, not to detract in any way from her fine play, but the other team’s defense was on the lame side. But you got to travel to Port Angeles. Coming up in a couple weeks, we get to travel to Idaho and Spokane for soccer games. I enjoy the outings, but when they get that far afield, it’s a lot of time on the road. Anyway, thanks for the pictorial updates.

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