May 2019 Photos

7th Grade Royals win 2nd in 8th Grade Division, Slamma Jamma 2019

The Nerd Sisters!

Kaya Bowls

Royals up 101-4 w/seven minutes left against a team of 3rd graders in 8th grade bodies

Pink Zebras! Kaya next to cousin Quincy.



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3 responses to “May 2019 Photos

  1. John Dankowski

    You’ve got enough of your like story in these accounts, to write the book….

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  2. Scott Driscoll

    Is that 101 to 4 a real score? They look so earnest, and no doubt are.

  3. Hi John,

    There’s a few moments, but not sure if it’s a book.


    The photo’s the evidence. The opponents played as if they’d never played basketball, a bore to watch for all involved.

    Gia’s team took the brakes off, final score was 106-7. One of the parents went up to Gia’s coach and said, “Really. You had to run up the score.” Gia’s coach said nothing, but that he told the team that he thought of saying, “We could have scored 150 if we tried.”

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