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Me with daughter Ava in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (Camera’s wrong on the date, it’s 2009)

The latest: My back and forth with David Shields, I Think You’re Totally Wrong: A Quarrel, (Knopf, Jan., 2015) is now a film (trailer) directed by James Franco. Shields and I play ourselves, and Franco co-stars. The film premiered in the spring of 2015 at Vancouver’s DOXA Documentary Film Festival.

After graduating from the University of Washington I bumbled around in various construction jobs, lived on Whidbey Island, then took an all-too-short trip to Australia and Western Samoa. On return I settled in Seattle, and played bass in a band for a year and a half. We did originals, had a sound between Lou Reed and The Violent Femmes, scored a couple good gigs (OK Hotel, The Tractor, The Crocodile Cafe…), a full-page writeup in The Stranger (We knew somebody), and airplay on KCMU-now KEXP (At least twice, we also knew somebody). Dozens of people came to our shows, some we didn’t even know, and eventually we worked our way up to beer tickets and $. Nevertheless, this trivial cash infusion mitigated but did not eliminate alcohol expenditures. But we had reason to believe in “someday.” The future looked great…

…Unfortunately, the band days ended, and I bought a ticket to Guam. On a layover in South Korea I found a job teaching English, got kicked out for not having the correct paperwork, and ended up in Guam anyway while I waited for a work visa. This led to travel to over forty countries, and work in Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Taiwan, Thailand, and The United Arab Emirates. See my book: The World Is a Class.

September, 2009. Coupeville, WA.


While home for a couple months, though, I met my lovely wife, Terry. We fell in love, and now I’m a domesticated parent mainly caring for the kids, and writing when I can squeeze in the time.

Literary work of mine is in various places, including 322 Review, The Ampersand Review, The Baltimore Review, The Blue Lake Review, The Chiron Review, The Collagist, Conceit Magazine, Dark Sky Magazine, decomP, descant, Drunken Boat, elimae, The Evergreen Review, flashquake, Fourth Genre, Gulf Coast, Harpur Palate, Hayden’s Ferry Review, LITnIMAGE, The Los Angeles Review, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Meridian, Mobius: A Journal of Social Change, The Monarch Review, Monkeybicycle, New Madrid, Owen Wister Review, The Pedestal Magazine, Pleiades, Poets & Writers, Post Road, Prick of the Spindle, Quarter After Eight, Reed Magazine, The Rio Grande Review, Rose and Thorn Journal, Sein und Werden, Sloth Jockey, SNReview, The Southeast Review, The Sun Magazine, Superstition Review, The Texas Review, Umbrella Journal, Whiskey Island Magazine, Word Riot, Yankee Pot Roast, and Zyzzyva. I also have written reviews, essays, and interviews at Bookslutdooneyscafe.com, HTML GiantThe Millions, The Nervous BreakdownThe Quarterly Conversation, The Rumpus, editorial for Reason.Com and Patheos, and humor at the parent zine errant parent and fathermucker: the blog.

I also blog for Pakistan’s International New York Times partner, The Express Tribune.

For more info visit Caleb Powell’s Page.

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3 responses to “About Caleb Powell & CONTACT

  1. Hi Sarah’s brother 🙂

    Sorry to be something of a creepy cyberstalker, but….

    I am working with Sarah on a magazine article she wrote for me–I am managing editor for a new music teacher technology publication called “SimpleTEC.” We are in a rush to get Sarah’s article in, but she didn’t manage to get me any “lifestyle” pictures of kids using her method. As a last resort, I did a Google Image search for Sarah and found the picture of your daughters and Sarah at the piano with the iPad.

    If we can do it with high enough resolution, we would like to use use a crop with only the one daughter who is looking at the camera, plus the iPad and the piano keys. Might we have your permission to do this? We are trying to help Sarah promote her method and hope to get this in the issue we will give away at the upcoming MTNA convention next week.

    Sorry for the very hasty request, but clearly this has to be a quick turnaround.


    Shana Kirk

    p.s. “fathermucker” = best made up word ever. Your blog is fun!

  2. Just finished reading the book…. Loved it And I wrote something as well… http://vinodnarayan.com/2015/01/28/i-think-youre-totally-wrong-a-quarrel/

  3. Arnold "Musclefrog Starpoet" Shchwarz

    I think you’re totally wrong.

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