November 2018 Photos

7th Grade Lady Mavs Go Bowling! Back: Jade, Gia, Natalie, Jaidyn, Sydney, Kristen, Jasmine, Angela Front: Kaya (4th Grade) & Naomi

Lady Mavs Gia and Natalie wanted to get a selfie w/Nate Robinson, as if he doesn’t have better things to do. He was kind, and let them get a shot pre-Eastlake tourney

2018-19 Lady Mavs qualify for state!

Thanksgiving with Fam!


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October Photos 2018

7th Grade Lady Mav Tryouts

Halloween Party at SSF Center

Pumpkin Carving

Kaya and the Pink Zebras (yes, they’re wearing black, go figure)



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September Photos 2018

Whidbey Island on Labor Day Weekend

Game Four Seattle Storm beat Washington Mystics 87-85, one game away from WNBA Championship!

First Day of School

Seattle Storm World Champs!

Gia and friend Naomi embarrassed to be seen at Cross Country meet

Gia and Elliot at Monroe State Fair 3-on-3 tournament with ex-Husky and NBA player Jon Brockman

Monroe 3-on-3

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August 2018 Photo


Cousins Kaya and Quincy

Terry at Butchart Gardens in Victoria, August 27 (my birthday)

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July 2018 Photos

Kaya bringing in a crab! (Only one’s legal, the other are females and have to be thrown back)

Four crabs including Kaya!

Biked to noodle hut…

…and to a lake.

Rain City Basketball tourney champs!

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June 2018 Photos

Lady Mavs @Seattle Storm 81 – LA Sparks 72


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May 2018 Photos

Mother’s Day!

Kaya and Cousin Quincy the Cheerleaders

Ava, Gia, and Cousin Elliot Helping Coach Kaya’s Team


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