July 2018 Photos

Kaya bringing in a crab! (Only one’s legal, the other are females and have to be thrown back)

Four crabs including Kaya!

Biked to noodle hut…

…and to a lake.

Rain City Basketball tourney champs!


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June 2018 Photos

Lady Mavs @Seattle Storm 81 – LA Sparks 72


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May 2018 Photos

Mother’s Day!

Kaya and Cousin Quincy the Cheerleaders

Ava, Gia, and Cousin Elliot Helping Coach Kaya’s Team


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April 2018 Photos

Ava’s End of the Year Lady Mav Party

Kaya and friend Audrey

Dining Out!

World’s “Best” Cupcakes?

SSF Team Bowling Night

Pink Martini at ECA (Thanks to my sister Sarah!)


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March 2018 Photos

Kaya and Her Cousins

Happy 9th Birthday Kaya!

Gia, Millary (Millie & Mary), and the Aunts

Kaya’s Room

Birthday Smile!

Lady Mavs Last Tournament!

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February 2018 Photos

Lady Mavs at Red Lion, Port Angeles

Meadowdale Lady Mavs 6th Grade went to Port Angeles for Presidents’ Day Tournament 2018 and went 3-1, runner up.

Ava’s 7Th Grade team won tourney at Port Angeles!

Girls 5-8th from Meadowdale Feeder Program

Kaya at Burke Museum


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January Photos 2018 (Lady Mavs win two tourneys) w/video

Champs at Holiday Hoopfest!


Community Service!

Kaya the Carpenter

Gia’s Basketballin’ Bedroom

Sister Sarah (and our Mother’s art!)

Feeder Night at the High School


Champions at Glacier Peak MLK Tournament!

Video of highlights at Icicle Shootout game vs. Lady Outlaws (Lady Mavs finished Runner-up out of 10 teams):


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