February Notes 2020

The Emergence of Ava!

Ava starting five Feb 22 2020

Ava, #22, and the Meadowdale starting five (w/Fatou, Lilly, Kaisha, Soriah) vs. Snohomish in a loser out game. Ava had four points and played well.

Ava played varsity this year for Meadowdale’s Lady Mavs 3A team as a freshman, and struggled often during the season, and sometimes playing JV and Varsity. The Varsity qualified for Districts, but in their first game lost to Snohomish. They had to win three games in a row to advance in the loser-out bracket. The first of three games were against Everett, and when we arrived she was being announced as a starter.

Ava at Regionals

This picture not only has Ava in action, but in the background has her Dad (me), Mom, sister Kaya, Grandpa, Grandma, and current and ex-coaches Riley Prince, Stanton Hightower, and Brian Leith!

They beat Everett, then Ferndale, and had a rematch against Snohomish, winning that and advancing to Regionals. Ava played well, with nine, zero, and four points in the three games, and four in Regionals against Hudson’s Bay.

And she remained in the lineup for the the last four games until being ousted by Hudson’s Bay.

Ava going up for a shot Feb 2020

Ava against Snohomish

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January Photos 2020

Feeder Night for the Lady Mavs!

Ava, Gia, Kaya



Ava tipping off against Kobe’s team (his daughter is #2). RIP – August 23, 1978 – January 26, 2020


Gia and January snow

5th Grade Lady Mavs!


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December Photos 2019

November Photos 2019

Christmas Pajamas!

Visiting Nai-Nai with cousins Kaya and Satori

More to come!

The Newell Grandchildren – Back L to R: Kaya – 10, Elliot – 12, Gia – 13, Devi -3, Ava – 14 Front L to R: Quincy – 7, Gemma – 8, Silas – 4


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November Photos 2019

Lady Mavs 2019-2020


Kaya, Quincy, Devi, and Daisy the Dog

Ava made varsity!


Seahawks 25 to 1 to win Super Bowl!


Happy Thanksgiving!


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October Photos 2019



The scary girls!

Vsco Girls? Another Halloween costume the parents don’t understand.

Nephew Elliot nerding it up with Alexandra!

Kaya & the Predators


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September Photos 2019

Braceless Ava after almost two years of being a “metal face.”

Ye-ye playing a game with granddaughters Ava & Kaya

Gia & Kaya’s first day of school!

Date night w/Mom!



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August Photos 2019

Ava goes to PGC camp with Elise, Jordan, and Alexandra

Gia, Natalie, Kaya, and Ellie in Coupeville

Go-Cart time! Elliot in the forefront.

3-on-3 in Arlington


Royals in Chelan, Royals Gold are 5-0, and in the semi-finals against Trust. The following is overtime:

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July Photos 2019

Powells and Chopras at the 4th of July Parade

Gia, Natalie, and Dad Sean on the crab hunt!


3-on-3 at Mill Creek w/Kaya, Quinn, & Ellie

Mill Creek Champs!

Girls hangin’ out, Nat, Naomi, Gia, Kaya, Sydney



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June Photos 2019

Ava at tip-off

Ava & Kaya w/cousins Damien, Orion, & Satori


Nephew Nikolai graduates!


Quinn, Kaya, & Chelsie – Girls Can Dunk!

Gia and the Royals head to Oregon for the Jr. NBA Championship.

Hooopaholic parents, including Mom (on right) w/coach Hightower

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May 2019 Photos

7th Grade Royals win 2nd in 8th Grade Division, Slamma Jamma 2019

The Nerd Sisters!

Kaya Bowls

Royals up 101-4 w/seven minutes left against a team of 3rd graders in 8th grade bodies

Pink Zebras! Kaya next to cousin Quincy.



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