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The T-Ball Experience

Gia on Second Base

ABOVE: Me with doofy “Bon Jovi” hair doing Walk This Way, January, 1990. 28 seconds.

BELOW: Me in Zimbabwe, with beard, bungeeing off the bridge at Victoria Falls, January, 1998. 1 min. 26 seconds.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! To my wife, mother, sisters, sisters-in-law, and all the mothers out there.

And now…a few photos of Ava and Kaya playing for their T-Ball team, the Catfish.

Easter Egging with Elliot

Though I am the baseball enthusiast, my wife gets credit for signing the girls up for T-Ball. I thought the idea ridiculous, and said it would be better to wait a few years. My reasoning: the girls are cute, but they have no idea about baseball, nor interest. This has been confirmed after the first few games. Despite hours of playing catch they have yet to actually catch a ball mid-air (by chance, a ball once wedged in Ava’s glove, but that doesn’t really count). The concept has yet to sink in, and at home they have to be coerced to throw the ball around, or hit off a tee, namely “hit the tee.” However, to Ava & Gia, T-ball is not baseball so much but playing with friends and running airound, and that…they seem to love. T-ball may only be mock baseball, but for the girls it’s a good first step toward figuring out the national pasttime.

Ava Behind the Plate

Little Catfish






This shot demonstrates Ava's batting skills. Pops takes a picture from the right.


Angels in the infield




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