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The Sexist Father vs. the KJR Sports Dorks

(Enjoy the above eighteen seconds of Kaya dancing like a maniac, and, for a special treat, a diva-like voice singing at the end!)

Back when I took my daughters to Mariners games...

...this year we will watch the Everett AquaSox

THE SEXIST FATHER vs. THE KJR DORKS: It’s a sad day in Seattle. Forbes magazine has voted our town the most miserable sports city (article) in the country. I can’t disagree. Yet this goes beyond our teams. Seattle sports stations reflect this, and chief culprit is KJR, who’s claim to fame is not a sophisticated take on sports, but rather their (Bigger) Dance. I posted at The Nervous Breakdown about these bozos, and followed it up after a back-and-forth with KJR’s Mike “Manboobs” Gastineau (The Josh Lueke “Rape,” the Moral Placebo, and the Sad Seattle Sports Scene). 

Grandpa brings over piggy bank money.

Worse, though, the Seattle Mariners boast a roster with a convicted felon (related to sexual assault), and he’s not the only bad seed. There’s no joy in Seattle, so I’ve turned off the Mariners…I hear the Everett AquaSox have a great deal for families.

CONGRATS TO DANNY & MELISSA! My wife’s younger brother, Danny, and his wife, Melissa, gave birth on April 9 to Gemma. Ava & Gia now have a cousin, when they asked how old the baby was, though, they didn’t quite understand one day old. Us: “She’s newborn.” Girls: “Yeah, but how many years old is she?” Us: “No years, it’s minutes, days.” They: “How many years is that?”

SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE TO PISS OFF THE CHINESE: 艾未未(爱未来)万岁!加油艾未未! Mao Zedong is a rotten egg: 毛泽东是坏蛋. 爱未来又酷又棒!


Much better!

WINE FAUX PAS: My wife, after a long day, requested a glass of wine. I grabbed a bottle of red, grabbed a glass with a stem, and poured. Big mistake, when I gave her the glass she said, “Not this glass.” I said, “Duh!” She pointed to the correct glass, without the stem. I said, “Really?” She said, “The essence of the crystal makes the wine taste better!” Word for word, that’s what she said. Well, now I know!

I dug up a song from a group I discovered when I lived in Korea. They sound like Rage Against the Machine, despite the doofy video.  Here’s the Korean Song of the month:


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