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Tracy “Seizes the Day” & Beatrice J.W. Powell the Elderess

Deer at the Powell House
Four Mini-Golfers!

Tracy Seizes the Day! Tracy recently wrecked her car, a dubious story the details of which will remain secret. Thus she needed a new car, insurance benevolently came to the rescue, but she kept on hedging and debating on what to buy. When I asked her why she said, “Because I’m not sure if I want to ‘Car Pay Dumb!'”

The Elderess at Work!

Beatrice Wilson the Elderess: I have a serious blog where I tackle issues and release my angry side, and now and then I pit my mother against various schlock artists. She kicked their asses. And then she had to face a master, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, and the Elder in turn wiped her butt. However, my mother told me later, “Sorry, Caleb, but I’m better than Elder.” Not sure I agree, but I like the ‘tude. Here’s the tally:


Beatrice Joan Wilson Powell vs. Helen Frankenthaler  Winner– Powell

Beatrice Joan Wilson Powell vs. Clyfford Still  Winner – Powell

Beatrice Joan Wilson Powell vs. Paul Doran  Winner – Powell

Beatrice Joan Wilson Powell vs. Pieter Bruegel the Elder  Winner – Bruegel the Elder

The Sexist Mom & Dad

Notes of a Sexist Working Mother:  My wife recently made a comment/objection about my blog, and I told her she ought to start her own. Terry and I don’t have a lot in common, but we make it work. And quite well, I’ll add. One thing we both agree upon, however, is the superiority of the female sex, yet somehow she refuses to counterblog and put me in my place. Go figure. Anyone out there think my wife could out-blog me? Please inspire her.

Father & Daughter

What Kids Hear: And, in another take on what kids hear, the other day Tracy & I were talking about language, and Tracy said, “I tell Elliot about ‘consequences’ and he nods his head and says he understands, and then I realize he doesn’t know what I’m talking about.”

What Tracy says: “Elliot, if you do that again their will be consequences! Serious consequences!

What Elliot hears: “Elliot, if you do that again their will be ooga-booga! Serious ooga-booga!

(It’s like that with our kids, too)

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